Massive Ban what happened?

Why don’t you share with the people the real reason @JB left. The forum and RTS leads are run by a bunch of people who try and keep the truth from the rest of the players.


Hmmm. Please continue. :thinking:


I have a conspiracy theory.

JB was responsible for coingate and jonesgate lol


JB got sick of having to lie on behalf of scopes.


Lol. I think you’re giving him too much credit. The only thing he was good for was avoiding issues and catering to people in his VIP chat.

I feel like we could give a chimp a cell phone and he’d be of more use than that guy ever was.

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JB is VK

Even better; VK is the ‘team’ GR takes our stuffs n thangs to

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Weren’t u already b@nned Ur self for cheating before.


Spill the beans Bruh

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Oh yay, conspiracy theories. Where’s the popcorn?



I wasn’t banned I asked Scopely through this forum to ban my stolen account as I was an idiot who tried once and got my account stolen by a greedy hacker. They banned that account and I am thankful for that so this to proof to all that buying a stoelen account will not benefit you nor trying or attempting to cheat.

Let the forum moderators decide if they share as I was going to let it go in a very dignified manner but it seems people who run the RTS Leads on the Line Application think they are all gods of this game

You call what you just did in that chat this morning a “very dignified manner”? :joy::joy::joy:

Why not contact vk again and ask them to buy you reentry to the room, just hand over all your account details like last time :clown_face:

Ooooooooo! Spill!

Ban for #pamgate?
If they run it they knew it was an exploit

i dont think they thnk they are gods of the game.

You were clearly warned though to stop going off on mad tangents ranting and raving and you didnt

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What does the Line app have to do with a ban wave? :thinking:

You’re not making much sense here. Are you wearing your tin foil hat?

Trying to read your paragraph gave me a headache.

okay, im lost . . . im not with this backstory … but i can buy popcorn