Mask drops nerfed?

Have they just suddenly dropped or switched off mask drops?

Used about 10 refills every single hitting dropping variable amount of masks to it now being 3 refills in a row with 0 masks

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They only drop at certain times.

I think its 7-10am, 3-6p and 11p-2a EST.


They’re during 3 time periods in the day

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Ohhhh. That makes sense. I noticed they dropped off around 11pm

Guess I didn’t read that part

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Yup they’ll be back at 4am-7am then 12pm-3pm.

If you just read the announcement carefully you wouldn’t be in this situation.
However I will clear it to you .
The mask drop only in certain period of time.
I think it’s once each 12h and the drp stay for 3h

Kinda hard to miss lol.

bruh needs to learn to read

And you all need some manners. Give the player a break, you never know what someone is going through in RL.


This whole raid at these specific times to collect is crap. What exactly is the point in forcing people to play at these specific times anyway?

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Feeling of exclusivity. I actually enjoyed the pressure to amass a high number of raid wins outside of a raid tourney (especially during onslaught when noone would drop defense).

Raked up 444 masks within 85 minutes, scored a couple wins of onslaught too… Haven’t felt this engaged for quite some time, so I commend this choice.

For Scopely, of course, it is the nudge to spend on raid cans or turn to the offers to get arrows/coins directly…


A win-win event, that’s the way it should always be. :grin:


Hey, I fully admitted I didn’t read the brief, if you wanna be a smart mouth take it elsewhere


just being dumb and not reading mostly

Its the timezones thay got me confused, seems a bit stupid shutting it down to specific times if your not in PDT. 8:13am here started rading no drops. :pensive:

Bad time frames for euro players :-1:t2:

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Now they stopped dropping completely.

Exactly really is unfair trying to work around it.

Take it where? Down the street? Cross country?

I glad you are loving it but still, nothing you said address why they felt the need to restrict drop times which was my point. It’s stupid.

Also, did you notice there is no raid tournament this week? Why? Because why let us kill two birds with one stone and they know people lower defenses during a raid cutting down on a bunch of wasted time.