Martinez... Thoughts?

Name: Fast

Name: Support
Description: Debuffs and/or debilitates the enemy team.

Base Stats (Max 90)
Attack: 2,165
Health: 1,759
Defense: 1,488

Cost: 58 AP
Effect: Deal 2 attacks of 250% Damage (500% total) and 600 Bleed damage for 5 turns to one enemy. That enemy and up to one other gets 100% Heal Reduction for 4 turns.

Active Skill
Initial Cooldown: 2
Cooldown: 3
Effect: Confuse one enemy for 3 turns.

Specialist Skill
Name: Lacerator
Effect: Whenever this character attacks a character suffering from Bleeding, the damage of that Bleeding effect is doubled. Target can only be Lacerated once per turn.

Lol 600 damage for 5 turns and decap for 4 turns!


Sounds nice, and his active skill is better than other confuse active skills


Uh… Seriously?

Convince me.


Event-worthy. Not pull-worthy. He seems tailor-made for attack under Michelle.


I wouldn’t say he’s nice like Shadow did, but 5 turns is definitely good enough time for him to duplicate those bleeds… maybe a little too long actually considering the long heal reduction. Him being 58 AP is definitely the caveat. Looks like Scopely is trying to switch the offense meta to bleed/burn/maim with AP boosting teams to counter the tank/revive meta defense. Literally so many characters released recently has an AR or active that boosts like 30-35% AP.

3 turn confuse that can be used on turn 2 is very good. You could disable a shield after the first turn.


Match it over way before the bleed would even be worth it. Heal reduction is good but other teams.are way faster. Maybe for defense. But stats arent geared that way.

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Sounds like an absolute monster on attack. That bleed damage combined with Lacerator and heal reduction is almost a guaranteed kill if you can keep Martinez alive long enough to keep doubling the damage throughout. You can cut through really even the most tanky of characters with that. So while he’s no better at taking down a medium-tanky character than any other attack toon, he really excels at those enemies that somehow have 4.5k+ defense. Confuse the enemy shield and then go to town on their healer/reviver.


Let’s wait for his weapon, what you guys think? Bleed on atk?

I don’t think he comes with a weapon. It didn’t appear in the lockdown video.

Which means he can be equipped with a pre-built weapon.

Yeah I know, what I’m saying is does the community think he’ll get a weapon stash?

That is some glass cannon. Definitely nice because of the healing reduction. It would be interesting how it holds up against Eric teams since Eric can cure heal reduction with his ar.

5 turns of bleed is a bit overkill for lacerators but also nice as well since it gives more of an opportunity to attack other toons meanwhile the bleed tick damage is doing its job.

If facing a team that doesn’t cure heal reduction, you can almost wipeout teams quickly since he works like a semi-decapitator with being a lacerator.

Facing him on defense teams that well guards him, i can see making ppl rage a lot. Trying to counter that ar once it already hits is going to be a pita.

So being hit by it, trying to cure bleed, heal reduction and the immense damage already done is going to be a pain. It be easier to let them die, cure heal reduction, then revive.

Stats wise, I’d wish they cap the attack at 2k and the left over 165 pts they put on the defense stat to make it 1653. Lacerator and bleed damage does most of the work anyways. o_0

Monster on attack? Lol… bleed and burn are bottom of the barrel compared to Heavy Hitters and decaps. IMO…
I mean if your lacking Heavy Hitters then sure he wouldn’t be too bad at 58 AP but not a game changer.

Why would people replace toons like Marlon, Blues Morgan, new green Amber, Alpha Decap, Sandy, Tobin, focus or disarm toons etc… just to wait for bleed or burn to work. :man_shrugging:t4:

Bleed is useless if there are more than two revives. Just ask my Shiva + Rick team that used to be an attack juggernaut and now only exists in the HoF

Just got Martinez off of a world map stage! Well, 3* Martinez, but it was still fun.


Well… the heal reduction certainly help vs revives, and we did just get a F2P Maim/Decapitate character too.

Nice single heal!!

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Tbh I run dale on offense and he rarley ever uses his active to clear hr unless the toon is also stunned. Ive not found hes given me issues with clearing them.
Id probably do a few 10 pulls for him. The fast ap and he would mesh well with my setups. Obviously his release after whisper michelle event was planned.

Not the point. I have plenty of decaps. The timing of the decap when you’re lopping off huge lumps of HP with bleed becomes very difficult and requires more luck than skill. A bleed heavy team will wind up killing opponents before you can cut their heads off, thus allowing them to keep being revived. That’s why i said a 3 revive defense. With two, you can kill one and control the other with a Shiva type or a Neut, but it’s when it’s 3+, that’s when you get caught in the washing machine with a bleed team.

Regina can decap with her AR with her 1,600 maim damage, which is a pretty big chunk. I’m not saying Martinez is great nor am I saying bleed teams amazing now, but even if you miss your opportunity with decapitate, it isn’t like you can’t just get back into bleeding them and getting another try at decapitating them. Obviously it isn’t ideal if you miss the first shot, but the beauty of decapitate is that you can keep trying and once you nail one revive, he’s out and the match becomes easier regardless.

It’s honestly less of a washing machine scenario that normal DPS teams usually face because bleed/burn/maim ignores enemies’ defenses and bonus HP(I know bleed/burn hits through bonus HP, unsure about maim). All those annoying revive tank buffs/bonus HP don’t really pose the same issue to bleed/burn/maim teams.

Without a doubt, we’ll see more players win against those tank revive teams due to Regina and Michelle’s release. Not solely because of their bleed/maim, but because there are enough characters for a well put bleed/burn/maim team to exist with synergy.