Marlon Stash (Express Tokens)

Anyone bite the bait? if so, did it take all pulls and how much?

Haha hell no. I’m a mild spender but stashes with 80 items and less than two days equal a big nope from me.


Already have 3 Marlons, will pass for this stash

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can only see the 99p offer

Got Benedict.

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1 of 80 would have tried a couple .1 hard pass

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Did 1 pull got 10 Burt’s so good deal imo and if Marlon was already 6* I would think about but ain’t got the time to level up a 5*


I have Marlon already and he’s pretty amazing, though if you want him I’d prob just wait until Scopely straight out sells him.

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Once a toon has been in the 99c wheel theres no way i will pay big on a stash … stupid


What is the next offer after express 2 for 4.49 € ?



If using ingame coins was an option I might risk it since I’m 15tokens short of a pull. But seeing as they don’t do this, cuz ya know, all about the players money being sucked, I’ll have to pass it (just like all the other paying wheels) and get my lousy SD points. Don’t even know the conversion rate cuz ya know this game gives you ZERO communication.

Don’t need him, and the chances are so low that even if I did spend, I wouldn’t get him.

Screenshot_20190108-142517_Chrome €22 for 6

Yes, it will take buying the whole thing. That’s how these stashes work. I’ve never heard of anyone getting the toon before the last prize in the stash. You’ll also get 330 winter tokens, a bunch of gear, trainers and enough ascendance stuff to raise him to six star.

I can’t say for sure since I didn’t buy it but from past stashes it’ll probably be around $250 at the end of it all.

Close to three winter pulls, Marlon and all that other stuff. If you don’t mind spending, it’s not a bad deal. Marlon and Rosie are Killers.

One dollar

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Why is it so short?

Blue yumi stash i bought 1 opening and got her unfortunately i already had 3 yumi’s

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u already have a marlon thomas lol