Marlon & Rosie, Worth It?

Marlon and Rosie has been revealed as the February Unleashed character, but is he worth going for? As a damage dealer his rush is only 300% and single target damage however that can be boosted up to 750% after doing his active.

The question comes is he better on attack or defence as he has some very tank friendly and potentially a nice block specialist skill if he gets a stun on attack weapon in his hands.

M & R, Attack or Defence?


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Worth it? I guess only because he’s free if your willing to put in the grind and kinda because if your not a whale or getting a free ride on a top faction your starving for s-class toons even ones that are meh, like Crapor. There is a reason why we see him on almost every single f2p defense because who the hell else are we gonna use right now?

Soon you can add Marlon to that mix so every f2p defense will consist of Angel, Crappor, Marlon, Christa/James, Pete and possibly some other rando turd like HS Mags, Grandma, Eric, or Solange. Blech.

Everyone here knows damn well that no one would pull for Marlon if he were a premiere.


Should be interesting to see how easy it is to attain the gear. Otherwise he’s just junk on a roster.

The only I will say is that the rate of f2p S class has surprisingly been good, even if the quality of them hasn’t been the best (outside of Angel and Cristã)

S class has been out for I think 5 months? Maybe 6? We have had james/cristã, Kapoor, Angel and now marlon. Once you add in that players should have prob been able to grind out one, possibly two S class by now, that’s about 1 per month.

Much better than legacies.


I agree with that because unlike the past with s-class you can eventually grind one out although if not in a top faction it takes far to long.

Right now for me it kinda feels like the early days of 6-stars where every defense is basically the same and the only thing that adds a slight touch of difference is how good rng was with their mods.

Complete lack of diversity does not make for exciting gameplay IMO.


Yea… that’s the same with the introduction of any tier. And by the time players get diversity, they will bring out “7 stars”.

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Couple of the 6* are very viable too like Princess and Wangfa for F2P also. Only issue I have is potential team build for people is a bit limited, it is a bit of a saving grace that these S Class collectables are available even if in tiny amounts to the majority of players.

I kind feel by the time most f2p can get to 10k and then scrounge up enough gear to max out that s-class they will be way past their prime.

So as far as closing the gap I don’t see that happening ever with this game.

We all know scipley only cares about profits and I get why so fair enough but like I have said numerous times I think they would make way more profit if they gave the f2p players the ability to give the whales a scare. I mean the reason whales drop money, to begin with, is because they like the feeling of superiority and that comes from being on top.

All I know is if I can’t be touched I don’t see any reason to spend beyond the bare minimum and would certainly spend way more when I can feel someone nipping at my heels.

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Of course not. Players got Pete, then came rampage and killed Pete. Or Mercer. Whichever one. That’s why players should focus on attack toons.

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I also agree with that. I have never understood the obsession with defense in this game. You don’t control it and you can’t even see it.

Offense scores points while defense can only buy you a little extra time to do so.

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He’s trash. AR triggers trauma, weak damage (300%), weak defense, specialist skill a bad joke, AS average. There’s no reason to use him outside SR. He’s second worst s class behind Sheila. Kapoor is slightly better, and that is sad.


It is sad as Crapoors only redeeming quality is that he can extend the battle by a few turns especially when being auto attacked provided the person attacking you does not have s-class Pryia and or Princess because as we are all aware with them then he gets one-shotted along with the now useless Pete and any other reds on defense.

I still don’t know why they don’t re-balance toons after they have been in the game for a while. It only makes sense to do so and just about every other game, especially ones that want to call themselves a strategy game, do.

Yes I know it’s the obvious way to get people to keep pulling for the latest and greatest op meta defining toons but I’m talking about it from a gameplay perspective not one of profit.


the single target damage is disappointing as hell damn. except the S class thing his fast/yellow version is kinda better designed


If I accidentally get him, he’ll be worth it for SR and any future yellow only road maps. Not going to push for him or waste any food on him if I do end up with him though.
Angel, Christa and James are all better. At least he’s better than Kapoor…

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There is no he’s trash option


I’d disagree with him being better then Kapoor. He’s going to be a easy kill. Very easy… But Kapoor isn’t. He’s a tank. I mean its very time consuming. He can at least keep you there a few turns. He’s a pain in the butt in raids and war. Ill soon have S class priya. So… But until then my Christa tears him up, he heals, tears him up some more… The last shot… Come on… Heals. He’s aggravating as a tick.

Wrong man, he’s green lol

Honestly he’s really not usable on either side hes about on the same level as Kapoor

Christa and james are better ,scopely kill one best caracter.


Gap is worse now than it’s ever been. There’s just more gaps now.

Is he? Ah hadn’t noticed, just assumed since the last one was yellow