Marlon pull results


Did 3 singles and got 5* yellow rosita and 6* yellow rosita. Anyone else have this kind of luck lol.


No did 3 singles all 4* haven’t had that kind of luck in a while.


I just started buying those tokens and refreshing depot
pretty much gave up on premier


Nope but did 2 singles on the Erika wheel and got 5 star ascendable Bruce.


On the premier wheel I did 3 single pulls. I got two 4* but on my 3rd pull I got this…


Same trash as usual


did 10, got Marlon 10 times, happyland


I thought everyone was done spending from the 1 buck offer issue. Seeing multiple pull threads with many responses makes me and scopely believe that they never need to listen to the players concerns at all. Throw up the next op premier and they all eat it like sheep. No wonder they fleece us all the time. :sheep:


Were you expecting a March on the capital or something?


I’ve learned to expect nothing from this playerbase. Remember reading once of an organized strike against a mobile game that people actually followed through with and it worked. Players here dont have the backbone to stand up to scopely long term

Found it


Pulled hunter


Yeah I spend like 50 a month. No where near 2 million lol



One ten pull got the 5* version, also one ten pull for Lydia when she was available. :man_shrugging:t4::sweat_smile:


1 10 pull and not a single god damn thing can I ever get lucky probs not fuck this game and it’s odds


nobody said that :confused:


So many people said that… it had 2000 replies ffs


Yea but there is definently factions that have spent prob close to that if not more combined. Just look around at the top 16 thread and tally up all the p13 and p12 at 24k a pop and that’s only what shows, people have had max prestige since the age of 5 stars. Be insane how much they spent since then

They could band together and organize a strike but then they couldnt dominate everybody. They prob enjoy the game as it is where little fish cant even throw stones at them without getting blessed by rngesus


I did two 10 Pulls with gold rewards from leagues. So actually still not spending.

To add to the thread. 19 4* and rocket Abe. :confounded:


:raising_hand_man: I won’t be participating