Marlon and Rosie Event - literally the worst since the game began?

The title says it all, is this Marlon and Rosie event with these stupid pins replacing actually useful rewards, torches, s-class collectibles from the tt event for example. The toon itself is rubbish, with how OP toons are getting nowdays a 300% damage to 1 toon is terrible, Princess does 1000% to a line and has other effects, Mercer 850% to 3 toons and stun… just a couple of examples. Terrible toon, terrible event. Rant over, please enlighten me of any older events that were worse :slight_smile: keep surviving.
Is the Marlon and Rosie Event the worse in the history of the game?

  • Yes
  • No

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Michone head Enough said


At least F2P get something. These past events have all been P2P only.


Sergio. Not completable F2p.

Or Zhu. Released post s class and a poor 6* back in the day.

At least we can get some gear/s class shards from this one.


This is ridiculous you are getting a free Sclass toon with very little work required stop complaining about free stuff ffs. This is why thy don’t take the community serious most on all would complain about getting 20k in coins for free…But it wasn’t 30k wah wah wah


Some green attack toon is better than none. And with those new collections i’m sure i will hit every milestones and will remember this event differently than how it was when it started.

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Technically this Unleashed event is the best.

Given it unleashed all prizes within 16 hours :rofl:


Any event that is stuck behind a pay wall is worse than the marlon and Rosie event


Do us a favor and quit, if you’re gonna whine about free shite, move tf on. There’s enough entitled twats playing this game already.


Sergio event still has my vote as the worst of all time


it’s s-class, but terrible… just because it’s s-calls means nothing

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lol, jesus - overreact much?


Terrible start of an event, but if I can get 130k paw pins without using up too much resources, it’s 2.2k Princess cards for me so not bad.

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Good you got the point. That’s how I felt about your post, overreaction.

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Not the worst event by a long shot. Especially with the addition of the museum collections. Don’t want M&R, you can claim gear or S Class collectibles.


Well, as we were used by Scopely, we never know if an event is free or not. Therefore everyone complains and if you didn’t noticed, everything works bad in this game, and that creates a permanenent frustration. Created by nobody else then Scopely.
When everything sucks, they bring a free low s class so guess what? For majority this one sucks too.
So, if you want positivity from the players, Scopely needs to put their shit together and create a playful environment, not the hugely toxic one that exists atm.


Dam you shut that guy up well done

Yellow negan is and forever will be garbage

In the very beginning of the 6 star era he was actually timing everyone out in war

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There are many events that have been far worse than this one. The players have been literally begging for an event where the prize is grindable for ftp. That’s what they’ve given us.

Just because you don’t like the toon doesn’t mean it’s a bad event.

Also if you’re going to compare him to other S-Class at least choose the free ones. Comparing a free toon to P2P ones is silly, they’re always going to be better.