Market place would be nice

We want to exchange characters and equipment between players. what do you think. My English is bad,


Not going to happen, sorry. Scopes intentionally created a gear bottleneck to try and get gear-starved players to spend on those ridiculously overpriced offers, and it seems to be going well for them, as they are still doing it. And characters? Never going to happen. You can get those (definitely not a character you’d want) from all those pay-to-pull wheels going around, no other way will satisfy the money-lover we call Scopely. I mean, they even ignored what they themselves promised to give us, do you really think a company that lies to their players will play nice and fair with them? Keep surviving :wink:


the company can sell more gold with the market place. The company is not aware.

These sorts of game mechanics would be so horribly exploited that they could never be properly implemented, regardless of their capacity for monetization.


Bad idea, no thanks

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Yep no toon exchange please horrible idea


For example I have glenn, siddiq and blue yumiko sitting at maxed 5* I don’t do doubles so I would just trade them to a new noob now they just need medals and have 3 6*. Plus 2 mira


Market is often the downfall of games due to exploitation, it would be terrible


we can find our deficiencies in the market

This would never happen because scopely wouldn’t make any money from this

For sure. Because at least with the enormous gap we currently have between the f2p and p2w that will never happen. As far as exploitation goes thank God there are no hackers and shady Russian sites that sell gear and toons either. :smirk:


Please make a trading post!

hell no. if they can’t even patch up vk sales this would ruin any sense of “value” or “investments” whales have made into the game. it’s suicide.

Edit: basically what @IronandWine said. just saw what he said.

Edit 2: Exhibit A

great idea.

cant believe you guyz say it a bad idea why it is bad idea will it not help us to exchange those dupes we get all the time from different events or pulls… if we will not ask from scopley about this thn who will ???

hackers can’t make money. Must have market place

Problem with this idea is that hackers would set up an account, flood it with maxed premier toons & then trade them with legitimate players making the toon then legally theirs, with money transferring off game there would be nothing Scopely could do because as far as the game would be concerned they just traded the goods legally.

let them trade it should be scopley concern not our… very least we will not have to pay hell amount of mobey for a single toon and btw scopley is already money hacker

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