Markers from elite gear map

Of course they nerfed the drop rates from last week. Last week I got 1400 markers consistently from 7 & 8 and now I’m getting an average of 300. Smh


You’re getting them free for a map you do anyway.

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Thats not the point, whenever they do some little good thing they take it away in a couple of days



I picture them sitting around a table having discussions like this where someone mentions that each section will drop over 1000 markers and then the boss speaks up and says that’s way to generous change it to like 300. What do you think we are running some kind of charity here? Then they all have a good laugh. :rofl:


Haha with 2 drop leads i got 50 markers lmao :rofl::crazy_face:


Look, you summed it up well or what happened to the fact. In exchange for improvements, I just got better. This one does seem like a joke.

I’m just getting 50, it’s actually funny, that’s alms.

Considering it was a trade off for the elite tokens we used to get its not like its a fresh add on that didnt cost us anything.

But cheer scopes on more bud

Maybe it’s because people don’t think and post videos like this all over the internet… and we wonder why we get nerfs

SMMFH!! :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming: Way to go :+1:


This forum site is the LAST place to post info like this. Line and kik should be disseminating player first propaganda. That shit gets shut down the moment Scopely catch wind of it.


It’s ok now we will save our cans and won’t have to buy more

I knew they were gonna do this. I said watch next week we gonna get like 50 lol…for all the huge mistakes they have made just in past month how about be generous to ur player base and don’t be so greedy with some depot markers. Not like your dropping tons of lilths and adens on a map to people or anything…
Haha yeah

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