Mark characters as favorites


i usually just put ones im working on in team they go to top


DITTO (I put them in my main defense team which is always lowered defense)


Agreed on the filter.
They have a semi-functional filter on the mods screen… Keep the momentum going and let us filter toons
@JB.Scopely and if you ever do you job @GR.Scopely


real funny fonzie…


Good idea


Filter on toons/weapons/mods are definitely needed. Filters for multi-criteria:
Toons - Stars, Traits, Tier, max/not max, role, persona, leader skill/specialist skill
Weapons - Stars, Traits, completely crafted or not, with atk/def/crit/hp/ap/special stats
mods - gold/silver/bronze, set, maxed or not, mod category(stat/trait, etc)


Oh and… Ability to save more teams would be helpful too.


MOAR teams.

25 isn’t nearly enough between ters/scavs/attached/def/etc…


A search button would be nice…

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