Mark characters as favorites

I miss the option to mark characters as favorites so that these characters are displayed at the top of the list.
This would be especially useful for leveling, so you don’t have to scroll down all the time.
In my opinion this would be a helpful expansion @JB.Scopely
Or did i miss something?


There’s a lock button to lock characters from being sold.

That’s not what he is asking for.

Their suggestion would actually be pretty handy


My fellow collector gang and I could use it so we don’t have to scroll through 200 5 stars when trying to level 1 for a tourney.


Oh yeah I just re-read it, my bad. Though technically it is a sort of “favorite” button.

Miss it?When could you do that?

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It’s never been available; probably English is his second language and he’s choosing a word that a native speaker would not choose.

In addition to being able to mark favorites, I’d like to have much better filtering instead of just sorting. Show me all red 5* ascendables. Show me crit leads. Show me all 6* healers. Show me all my favorite yellow toons.


Definitely going thru 200 5* is not fun when just looking ascendables.

Great idea.

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Side Bar: take ur favorites and put them on a team in slot 24-25 of teams and then they will appear sooner in the roster scroll. I do this when beginning to level a new toon


I would love to see a useful sort function added to the game. What we have now is far to basic.

To help with level ups take an available roster team slot and put in the toons you want to work on during the level up. Then you can just hit roster, view team, and edit team, and finally the info button and level them up from there. Easy peasy.

And scipley since you have zero intention of adding a slider to the gear marker section when buying food can you at least just replace the useless 10k one with a 1 million option instead? Smh.

you didnt read the thread about the new update?


Missed it. Good to see they are finally doing something we have been asking ages for.

I out them in my team 1 and you through the team screen to select them for leveling. That scrolling non sense is not for me especially with so many copy past faces.


Id like to have a survival road tab so i can choose my all red zombie squad or whatever its a pain to have to sort through.
I put toons im leveling in a team so they show up sooner as well. I also agree with lady geek a better filter would be nice. Like all 6* strong…have options ro select. If im looking for a debuff would be nice to select it and see all my options instead of havin go through every toons card.

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Yeah thats a good idea too. Its ridiculous to have to scroll through 400+ toons to find what ya want to level

I do this :grimacing:

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Exactly, English isn’t my native language. Sorry for the confusion lol.
With “miss” I just wanted to say that I would like to see such a function. Didn’t know that miss meant that it used to exist and is gone now.

I know about putting the toons in teams, but this way you still have to scroll down (except you delete all your teams before you start leveling?)
IMO it would be a great addition to put specific toons to the first slots of your roster


It’s all good man,I was just messing.:+1:

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