Margaret Leader Skill


Margaret Leader Skill has changed. Why? There is any other characters that have changed?


And now it has became a Dropper:

Is this right? Any other character has changed?

In-Game Localization Issues
Margaret 5* Endurant - solved

Es una mala traducción, pendejo. Usa el juego en inglés :wink:



Mine is still fine.


I believe there was another area in game that had same issues with translation. She remains the same on her card for me as well.


Yeah translation bug. She’s still Attack and Defense in data. Forwarded to the loc people to hopefully get a fix pushed out. Ping if there’s any other similar ones you see come up, especially if they mention item drop in the translation.


Ok, thanks guys! I’ll inform my region!


What is the best way to report translation errors?
Just the new GERMAN 5* Maggie Promo will not be able to revive other toons…it is missing in the text.
Keep surviving!


In French also


@Agrajag - What is the best way to report translation errors?


This thread was created, but it kinda got lost due to when it was posted. Should maybe see if I can get it pinned or something.