March Madness | War of Champions Style

Tip off for NCAA March Madness is right around the corner and I thought it would be fun to have people post their predictions for the War of Champions event on 4/5/19 - 4/7/19.

Unfortunately, I do not believe every faction will go, nor every member will stick with their faction, but let’s try and have some fun and post predictions if every faction and member stayed where they were when they qualified.

Here is the qualified factions for the event:

Congratulations again to all the qualifiers! Let’s see your predictions below…

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Wheres notorious/hatters? :open_mouth:

Endgame with SB


Back to you Kip


I’m biased and rooting for


Winner: Scopley
Losers: Everyone Else


Prediction number 2, not everybody who is invited will show up

*editors note: Brawhahahahaha and to all a good night *

  1. Endgame
  2. AP
  3. FKR

It depends on rewards. If the prizes for the factions ranked on the bottom in CHW will get better rewards than for winning regular CRW, maybe all 40 will show up, but if winning regular CRW will get better/same rewards, logically factions which know they don’t have a chance to fight for top 10-20 will rather ignore CHW, it feels better to kick ass then getting your ass kicked, besides, it’ll be even easier to win a CRW when top factions will play their own group

I’d be surprised if more than 20 of the faction go. Some big factions cant stay together this long between wars.
But rewards could change that?!?!

One question I have about woc is in this new region for it once the factions have transferred there. Can players then faction swap?

It only said you can’t before and i could see some factions doing alliances.

I suppose but if rank 40 in woc is better then number 1 in crw, I’d show up and have everyone get one war in, then take the entire weekend off ,save coins and cans and still come out ahead lol failing upwards like a goddamn boss


I imagine it would be possible to change factions but they could just do it before hand. As long as you personally qualified for woc you can go with any of the factions

I predict an upset…

I think most factions will lay down to AP and Endgame leaving these two top dogs with lower scoring wars overall

leaving FKR the winner


Merged into endgame

Prediction: Rewards for bottom 20 places are worse than 2nd or 3rd in CRW so anyone who doesn’t stand a chance of winning will not show up, preferring instead to take the spoils of CRW

@JB.Scopely - better make that 30% improvement a lot lot bigger, otherwise this will happen

with only 18 members over 16 battles…
looks like we have our sleeper pick.


Oh right I thought you had to stay with the faction that brought you to the dance lol interesting.

99% people will pick endgame or Ap but you took a risk and went with FKR, i like it!
My prediction is Dr wins it all with Ap right behind them.

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What’s the prediction on how many factions don’t show sure to potential enhanced scrutiny of the source of their coins or their weapon power scores?

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I don’t anticipate 4 factions joining due to the inability to transfer back home post-event.