March Login Event- Thank you!


Just wanted to say, thank you for adding another month of daily rewards! This one resets so you get the reward 2 times a day, so even more rewards!


So between this and the January login:

1 extra 4⭐.
1 extra 4⭐ weapon
1 5⭐ pull.

Not bad. Plus the free pull in the RTP stash. Wondering if the badges for other colonies will be for a free toon.


I’m loving that, just wish the pulls from rise to power were better. I’m skipping Rick and going for strictly gear.


Don’t know about hackers in my regions. Whales abound though. Bugs and glitches? Haven’t encounter any devastatingly game-breaking. As for dying regions, I’m just going to go on record that it’s better for most people.


Another step forward from Scopely. Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Thanks Scopes! Must give credit where credit is due. Can we keep this post complaint and whiners free 1x please!!!:smirk::smirk::smirk:


At least 2 of each :grin: March is 18k 5* tokes 12k 4* toon 4k wep tokes plus January’s


I’m aware of the rewards. And I’m aware of the rewards from the January login calendar.

Extra 4⭐ toon and weapon. One free 5⭐ toon.


I want that anniversary glenn.


This guy? They did give out Call to Arms Lori, maybe at some point they will give this guy out again.


I love that we get monthly rewards but could yall please work on the collecting issue? @kalishane seems like all through these people are having issues where they try to collect rewards and as soon as hit claim the game resets. I’ve been trying to collect todays reward for hours now with no success. As soon as I hit claim, game restarts and reward went unclaimed. I went to a region i stopped playing in a long time ago, was able to collect there, but still nothing in my main.


I hope so ,because for some reason i want him.


As I’m not sure how to create a thread, will there be a an April login event?


Hoping they do an ascendable every other month. Maggie was February login event, hoping to see one for April


I also hope they do and I hope they make it that red Andrea


Thanks Scopes