Map Today Please?


So its Sunday, time for a weekly gear map… right?

@kalishane @CombatDevIl


Lol you know damn well they never release gear maps on a weekend. That was a mistake by LiveOps, and Shane just related the message back to us. :joy:


Damn, Part 1 of the rifle parts that went live yesterday must of been a mistake.


You’re asking for gear maps, not riffle parts map. Of course only event maps are out everyday, just not gear maps. Hehehe


From saying it was happening every Sunday, with it meant to be going live and live ops forgetting to press the button.

I just want the truth, I’m sure scopely is an eight headed dragon that get their heads twisted every day.


Well, Scopley isn’t going to give us the truth. They lied about giving us Legendary gear map after the first scam gear wheel, and now we still don’t have it. Smh


The boat will sink soon enough when they realise people aren’t buying into their scams and are driven elsewhere to buy cheaper.


It could still happen, if it takes a person to manually activate the start of the map then perhaps they will have someone in today to do that.

There was one scheduled for last Sunday but miscommunication prevented that, might happen today… it would be most welcomed :wink:


I have no power here :stuck_out_tongue:


lol poor CombatDevil. Thanks for checking in on the weekends though :+1:t3:


I vote we give combatdevll more power.


Them scopely gods… :smirk:


Evil Ned for president


Any sign of our weekly map dropping?




Don’t understand me wrong. If I had such power, probably I would have been following a schedule, it wouldn’t be such rush decision, like Ah today I awaked up in a good mood, let’s throw some maps, haha.


We were promised these weekly, last one was Monday.

We just want to level up some toons :sob:


Today is Monday, if we get another today, it will be weekly still. Just saying, I don’t know if we gonna have one :frowning:


I’m prayin’ :pray:t3:


do i detect some low key shade over there combat? lol