Mano Y Mano Rewards

Following earlier conversations, is there an actually reward structure to this side mission?

Since they increased the player level cap I have claimed 3 of these and each has been 125k and 3 raid cans. I am on level 28 now. Does this seem right? I’ve seen screenshots of people getting much higher XP from these missions.

I think it’s been different for a lot of players. Might I ask what level you are? That could determine it or it could be random/something else.

Currently level 127

Hmm so It’s probably something else that carries in.

Would be nice if @JB.Scopely or @Shawn.Scopely or someone else weighed in on it. It seems very random and some people are getting a lot more out of the rewards than others.

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It finishes at lv.30 and you’re getting a lot of XP and few raid cans.

It hasn’t been different from any players of my fac when we finished it.

I am at 31. You only get cans at 31 and no XP… not sure if you get xp later and how many lvls are there

When you look at other responses on here, you get a different answer.

The last 2 are 650kish

31 is the final mission, 100 raids for 4 cans.

Ma,o à Mano 29 : 651k+ XP for me. Level 126.

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