Mano y mano pt 20+


Can we please get a 6* for completing raids? For some people its harder then survival road.
I think its a nice idea. Maybe a choice between carl an mirabelle. Now that you can basically craft them.


Not i need carl or mirabelle.
But players starting out can use a leader.


35 is the last one. 100 wins. 4 raid cans.


The amount of XP I’m throwing away from these missions is sickening

I think I will stop collecting this until scopley increases the level cap for reals this is just so annoying


There are already many threads on this topic.


I don’t see mayo mission anymore… I am sure last milestone I got is 3 cans…


And also they should definitely not give out a Carl or Mirabelle for the last part (though someone already said what the prizes are). Carl or Mirabelle would be a crappy prize.


it just keeps getting higher lol


Pt 31 is the last one


35 is the last. i already went through all the raid missions as reposted above. there is no big send off. no 5s characters. no ascendables. just x4 raid cans and xp. oh…there is a small cutscene of dialogue but nothing of importance. tha tha tha thats all folks…


People just dont read or care not to.


It ended with pt 31 for me, 4 cans, no xp.


Faction mate today said his ended on 30. :upside_down_face:



Well, hard to say, Scopely doesn’t serve every player individually :laughing::rofl:


lol true. i thought it was gonna go up to 400 like daily sr. :smirk:


Who was the last toon you got?


theres no last card. its just 4 cans and thats it. as for the 4s i forget cause i depoted that mf straight after.


Maximum cans I get were 3 at a time… I didn’t get 4 and now it doesn’t show… I didn’t notice the last mission but it was clearly less than 30…


It may have been less than 30 for you but you can see what others have been saying.