Mano Y Mano (Nada)


The final reward is 3 Cans and 800k xp and that’s the last one complete bc if you ask me 500 raids possibly more

Last raid mission rewards

I originally thought Mano Y Mano was supposed to help stimulate League PvP activity for trophies but seeing as though it is being finished by many so early, it probably isnt.

Mano Y Mano could of went on infinitly or atleast up to lvl 200… It actually got me to raid again.


I like raiding for anything when event is live or not but disappointed there was no big reward scopley Ian asking for there players to quit …


How many are there?


30 Stages


That really sucks, i’m almost there just by doing every day raiding with free energy.
It should really go much further.


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