Mano y mano 35+

I just claimed mano y mano 35 again for like the 5th time. It doesnt show up in the mission tracker and then one day I raid and I get it. Last one was like 500 raids ago. Anyone know why this is?

What level are you?

There are a few where you get the 810k xp dont remember if they were different parts. When you claimed it did your player xp go up about half a bar? Did the counter reser or does it just stay at home 100 raids completed?

Baffles me how some of these work, currently nearly completed the faction PT 7 200k, yet yesterday popped up faction PT 6 which we have already done so who knows just complete and claim the rewards.

The additional missions open up as you get higher level.

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every 5 levels you get that missions again

That makes sense then cause the last one was right after I hit 145

It is the last time that it will appear. It appears every 5 levels in the last ones.

135, 140, 145.

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