Making game more fun and intense

So I was thinking about new game mode in which you can only use 3* or 4* or 5* or 6* ,something like war. Reason because I write is because I wanted to my friends also starts playing and for them its impossible to do some dmg with 3*.They stopped playing after 10 days saying its boring.


Very good idea, but scopely won’t do it cuz it doesn’t make “cents”

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And how does that make money to scopely? You have to add coining part.

why would I want to play with 3* or 4S etc if I have 6* cards??? where is the fun in that?

not even going to menton having to level up some 3* rushes. Your friends have no chance in an established region so tell them to start on a new one where the playing field wont be as difficult

I think it doesn’t matter where they start, also there is greater chance that wandering whales are going to hit new regions then semi established ones (it will kill fun or make them butt fishes). They should start in 2 year old regions and go to low - middle position factions, more fun, more advises, less whales and cheaters.

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Instead of creating another complain post about what you want and what you don’t want; work harder, spend more, and get good for what you want. Don’t like it… quit the game and play something else.

Under the strict law of huge spenders, users are no longer allowed to post their ideas, frustrations, and suggestions because it annoys the hell out of them and does not promote positivity. Basically, if your thread isn’t about thanking Scopley for what they give us or how great the company is, then please don’t create a thread. Anyone caught creating so called complain posts will end up being insulted with vulgar language by the Whales on this forum. Are you ready for that sir?


yeah, starting in a 2 year old region where people use 4s as fodder during level ups is surely makes no difference compared to the newest regions…
those middle position factions are full of 5/6* anyway so good luck with their new accounts there where they cant score shit in any tourney.

If they want to compete they will have to spill heavy cash or go deep into whales butt, that is the reason why I wouldn’t advise to go and start in a new region and eventually to come here and moan how they didn’t get what they payed for. Older regions cooled down, and it isn’t hard to get 5*s, selection of people is better.

But where are the fun in this game? Im not complaining Im just saying its impossible for new players to start playing


of course it is, i started playing in a new region some time ago and had lots of fun. not a spender apart from the pass but i managed to work my way up to the 1st team.

It isn’t actually, it is impossible to reach level of whale, everything else is easy to achieve. I made recently fake account to fill in for wars, after month of loging on it once a day I got level 20 and 4 5*s - which means progress is fast to a level of play, same is with fun.

Ps: Slovenac? :slight_smile:

Honestly i play from the beginning and I spend about 300 on this gameand I have luck to have some decent team but if you remeber start of this game ,240 pulls and dont get 5 star , do you remeber?

Hrvat hahah

Pa dobro okolina haha

ALL it takes is patience and a faction to carry them throu a few events

We are interested in new modes that would add to the game!

Thanks for sharing Tomislav! Adding to my doc.

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This is an old idea from 2 years ago. The community has tried it on various regions.

People agreed to use only 3* during a war match, or only 2*

The same teams won, because attacking speed always wins unless P2W vs F2P

After a few tries, everyone stopped doing it because using 3* and 2* is boring and added nothing new and wasn’t nearly as fun as everyone thought it would be since it was the exact same game, just using characters that suck