Making characters that are much better than others

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You quit why do you care


You’re addicted.


I mean, Sheldon’s coming out when he’s up against S-Class. He’s gonna be better than a toon that came out when 6*s were securely the meta

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Diego is still the more powerful of the two on rush and lead alone.


They’ve been doing it for a while. Essentially Shelly and Zach have better actives than Shiva.

It’s really only a concern if that character isn’t balanced. For instance, Zach is considered pretty strong because not only can he stun an enemy for 4 turns with his active, his AR gives him a significant amount of control and sustain.

If he had a little less overwhelming AR, it makes the 4 turn stun more acceptable for some players.

I am just holding that way land is in the season store this time don’t care if he is gen one just want him because he is far better than earl in every way

Why would anyone buy a toon that was worse than past toons?

Ahh Yes not realising Sheldon raultio + lacerator = 4,400 bleed plus he’s head hunter which is actually a nice skill for blled comps
Heck if raultio rushes a s leader in first 3 turns
Then it’s 5,200
He’s not op but he’s one of the 6* who could become like Kate
Heck his active grants focus so he’s got that 2 he just gotta land a critcal and because he’s got no fixed wepon oh look you just give him a spec ops smg
However all of this goodness
Shoundt be spent on because that’s bad
And I’ll get garen on anyone who spends
Since scopley fear lol clearly

This thread’s a waste of internetz

I thought you quit.