Making a page about this game on TV Tropes

I got an idea. Since most of TWD merchandise games are given proper pages on, how about making a page about Road to Survival as well? Given that worldmap and some roadmaps have some common tropes (Garret as Black Best Friend for example), it would be nice seeing RTS having it’s own page.

It would be useless, rts lost its reputation

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I don’t think so. Even some obscure games have their pages on tvtropes, would this be any different? As a part of TWD franchise, it needs to be expanded sort of.

I already created a magazine about the game, it’s not worth the sacrifice today

From the OP I’m guessing it’s TV stereotypes. How about bad guy Russians trading guns?

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There is a gunman trope (don’t know it’s name), but it does not have a specific country subcategory. Mother Russia Makes You Strong may be used.