Making 5 stars great again


In a time where 6* shield and revive teams reign supreme , I take a look and see how well 5 stars still hold up in this new meta

Yes the shivas do most of the heavy lifting but zeke and chone are clutch in this strategy

Side note, This isn’t how I raid in war lol


It’s cool I like to raid my faction mates with 5s all the time but I wouldn’t use 5s on attack for anything but trolling when it comes to raiding lol


Oh yeah for sure I would not raid with this team in raids or wars , takes too long and isn’t always reliable


Impressive, but you apparently have way too much free time on your hands.

…says the guy posting on a forum for a silly mobile game. I understand and accept my hypocrisy.


I use 2 5 stars in one of my primary war attack teams

I use Carson, Doc Stevens (not the SR one), yellow Eugene, and the best one of all, Kate.

Limited Edition Negan leads my primary anti Melee attack team.

I use those in war all the time.

I think I could probably use Red Ascendable Rick’s 5*, Connie’s 5*, Green Focus Zeke, Red Focus Maggie, and Commander Heath.


I only uses Kate and sr zeke no 6* healer for them colors so I run with them also I like my healer/buffers


I use sr zeke for the double shield and triple revive teams. They do no damage so zeke survives and his sixty attack buff is pretty nice.


Vs melee attack team I uses him


That Heath is great i used him for a long time


Is this just to get views on YouTube :thinking:


5*s would still be more than viable if it wasnt for that dumb stat increase during/before the 2nd or 3rd ever CRW.


Not you again :joy: any time I post a video here you are bashing the fact it’s a link from YouTube, other people seem to enjoy it just fine, I wish you could block people on this forum , all you bring is negativity


Agreed , that shafted them something fierce


Nice strategy with that kate , killer combo


Epics are still great in new regions.
I use an entire team of them, their main problem though is that random new players can acquire toons like Romanov which can one shot pretty much any blue who isn’t legendary, and even then I may be wrong.


No sound, No intro, No effort what a waste of a video… 5 stars are gone leave it alone


Seriously though,Why are you so bad at making videos? Why even do this? You don’t talk, you don’t have an intro you don’t do anything. “Make 5 stars great again” here is a video of me fighting with 5 stars?? Like wtf we all know how 5 stars work, we can fight with them if we choose, I don’t see the point of this at all


There’s a difference between an actual opinion and literal harassment.


Are you kidding? How is this harassment? You upload a video on your alternate account, with no effort and no organization, then you sign on to another account to defend it?

I have not said anything offensive, disrespectful or untrue. You need to calm down :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::exploding_head:

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