yes, people are clearly upset and clearly trying to get the game to modernize all the many outdated features… but can we please talk about how a major design strategy has been around:

  • busy work / grinding that you can pay to avoid and
  • events that you can compete… but ultimately can be paid to win.

In my opinion, these suck the life right out of the game more than a lot of the little window dressing issues. How much strategy & teamwork is in doing something where no matter how much you try, a spender will beat you?

The dev team clearly put a lof of resources into new event design (hoards & others) but people get bored because of the above reasons. Which is a shame.

Can we have events that enjoyability is the key success factor?

anyone have a good suggestion to improve levels of fun?

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I miss events like Hold The Line and Slash tokens.

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