Make your teams sortable pls


I think it was suggested back in the old forum, but prolly has been forgotten. I’ll remind you:

@dash @kalishane Could you add the feature to sort your predefined teams? Should not be hard to script, or? This would greatly improve the overview and cleanness of my roster.


The thread you may have been refering to:

The thread (and example screenshots I pressume) was made by JustinG87

It’s such a little thing but quality of life stuff like this goes a long way for me.


Yes exactly this thread. Thx for sharing


Shoutout to JustinG87. :v:t4:


Biiiig +1000 to this thread.


Don’t forget to like it :point_up:t3:


It’s convient that you posted this because it’s the best alternative over making 6s accessible on all restricted maps. So much cleaner, less scrolling, you can make your own 6 tab and have them immediately accessible for 6* allowed maps.


Would be great to have a farming tab, roadmap tab, and war tab


Oh God yes.


Please! I cry every time when I build new teams :tired_face:I lost the mood to experiment much because of that… In my opinion we also need more sections.

  1. off 2) deff 3) farming 4) territory (5) Sr atm we unfortunately can’t use our teams :frowning:) 6) scavenger

Everyone get a certain number of teamslots (25 is not enough!) and can use them where they like. In my opinion + 50 Slots would be more appropriate. I’m not kidding I use every slot at least every 2 weeks once… I’m not a fan of rebuilding teams but it is hard not to do…


Wow. This is sensational. I really love it. I hope that actually comes to the game, it would help a lot.


Totally can get behind this


Sure thing! I will add this. Thank you to all who voted, etc.


+1! Quality post