Make veteran rings more available

Please give more access to veteran rings. I’ve been told they will only be accessible through arenas, so they need to be given out more frequently or sold in league store.


Anyone feel the same??

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I feel the only way to effectively balance that would be to add more to arena milestones/increase the spread of rings in leagues.

Making them available in league store would mean people would coin continuously and buy an endless amount… unless they were made to be expensive say 20K per ring or something.

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I’ve saved arena tokens and pushed in the odd event so I cant say I’m short, there’s a fairly steady amount of rings given out if your active in arenas. You should get 8 or 9 easy each week.
Just like everything else in this game it takes time, you can’t suddenly max a toon just because it’s a new feature.

Stick them in a shop and they will be exploited just like everything else so you’ll be no better off

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They have a in game survey right now that is only about arenas and state of game.
Put it there.
Granted the questions are rigged\asked to make it come out as the best thing ever made, but they have a few questions about rings.

They could give more out in ranks of arenas and in milestones of arenas and maybe in events like raids, level up, war, etc. Bad idea for the league store. The issue is arena ranks, I’m in diamond 3 and it’s damn near impossible to get a good rank, bunch of whales in my leagues who are spending more than they earn back :man_facepalming: i forget the cut off for rings but i think its low like rank 12 or something and that is for just 1 ring, it should be all the way to like rank 50 gets at least 1 ring. As it stands now i am going to demote on purpose for next season to platinum with the tickets i have saved and get me some rings! No reason to even bother where i am cause these cucks wait till the last 30 minutes and will spend a couple hundred to get 1 ring, right now I’m saving for things, tickets, toons, energy and going to demote this month to plat and then work back to diamond and get rings, get pete and get coins for getting promoted, rinse and repeated this process every season instead of wasting resources, time and money. @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely the system sucks and i found a way around it :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I took that survey and expressed my feeling on it all.

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Geez VK been looking really good compared to scopely haha but no, i still dont think rings in leagues store should be a thing. Just need to make arenas better and/or give rings in other events milestones

So… I’m too lazy to do arenas so give then for free! I should be given stuff others get with effort (even these damn) coins…

Good point out there buddy… Not.

I am f2p and by strategy and good tactic I can get rings in every arena but draft(hate it so much :joy:). The current balance is fair and quite fine (nothing will be perfect). I am diamonds league myself.

I’m a day one player and have been F2P the entire time.

I’m definitely not lazy. I bust it and being in Diamond league, there’s not much chance to get placement.

I didn’t ask for a hand out. You should try actually reading posts before you comment on them.

Yeah yeah. The way you wrote it clearly indicated so.

Yea arenas is not a good game mode in my opinion, i like old school it should be a solo game mode itself. I think the scoring is pretty un fair and tht if your not participating it should not have you on the list to be atked and lock you out for the duration if that selected arenas mode

I like arenas you go on for 5 mins do the attacks and be done, what I do is save my rings and do the ones I like and skip some and just use free tokens have had over 100 so far.

0 coins or money spent.

I say with minimal effort you should get 10 every week.

Minimal effort gets you about 500 league gear points.

Which league are you in?

Plat 4-5 I save up until I have 20+ silver tokens and push hard on one event last moment to snipe first place. I’m good at draft too.

Completely agree.
Same people taking tomorrow 10 always getting rings.
It be better if we didn’t need them to upgrade.

Just another convoluted way to provide players with frustrating game play.

Forcing players to spend isn’t going well these days.

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There’s a big difference in platinum ranks and diamond. I’m thinking of tanking leagues to drop back down to platinum. Then maybe I could get rings.