Make Tournaments Great Again!

Hello, Survivors!
Today, I wanted to talk about something that has been personally bugging me about recent tournaments…

The lack of anything interesting in them!

All events feel like a copy/paste from the previous events, nothing special to them at all,
however I do have suggestions to make tournaments and their prizes great again!

First Issue: Prizes

As some of you survivors may know, there used to be events in the past that would offer a
Brand New 4 Star Character!
Although 4 Stars are pretty useless, it was always nice getting a brand new toon no one else had, and some of the 4 Star’s designs were pretty nice!

Why not give away New Ascendable 5 Stars on weekend faction tournaments!
(Outside of war!!!)
This would heavily increase effort put into faction events! People would spend more! Players would be more happy!
What also needs to be changed about prizes:
We need more tokens, we’ve been on a dry for much needed 4 Star and 5 Star tokens to use to ascend characters! We need more of them again!

Second Issue: Give Events More Incentive!

As mentioned above, we need more things to work for in events!
Making raids drop tokens will push up much effort put into events! People may even buy cans!
Same with war too, If war battles dropped Elite Character Tokens, 4 Star Tokens and 5 Star Tokens, there would be much more happy players, and more war cans would be purchased!

Issue 3: Bring Faction Territory Events!
Self explanatory, run a Territory event, people will buy cans = profit!
Also, good prizes like the ones I suggested above!

  1. If I’m correct, many updates ago, characters ranging from 4⭐ to 5⭐ were prizes to those who ranked in the top 10. If that’s the case, the people who manage to rank that high must be big spenders and therefore, already have plenty of ascendable epics.

  2. That’s pretty much already done. Except for the Elite Character Token. Even then, we’d be getting 3 and 4⭐s out of it. It would be quicker though so I’m all in for including it.

  3. Obligatory Michael Scott No meme.


I have to tell you that for the 1st issue, adding new ascendables for top prizes will be wrong and here is why:

The ascendable will be as #1 prize, so the top faction(big spenders) will win and they will be even stronger.
Non spenders can’t compete the top players so eventually they quit.
That leads into empty regions and everybody ask for a merge.

What makes this game alive is the free players.
If there is no motivation for them to just play in a fair system, why to waste their time?

I am a free player too and i can tell you there is no interest for me in wars…i stay in game but i don’t participate in wars…simple as that. I know that i don’t get anything good for 10th place, so why even try?

The game is so corrupted now, they can’t do much to fix this. They just hope in new regions and to ppl who don’t know how this gambling game works.


i don’t give 2 shits about these prizes i’m laughing because of your profile picture lol

Your lack of motivation is the reason your in one of the lower factions. We have plenty of people in the top factions who are f2p and get their coins through videos and tapjoy… at most the 9.99 pass. Being in a top faction has less to do with spending and more to do with game knowledge and participation at this point in older regions as whales have moved on.

This current structure is more profitable for scopely right now, its just a constant slow burn for mid card rewards, whereas a the start events would give the full amount of ascend tokens, or 5* tokens for a pull, there has been a steady decline in those rewards.

we see events fluctuate between days etc … the most noticeable is raid events. a 2-3 day raid event used to have 4200 milestones for a benedict (before, it was 2100) now you see scopely testing the waters with 24 hour raid events with the same 4200 milestone still in place making it almost impossible for many players to reach with work/sleep/family life

This is the way it will currently stay as we’ve not given them a cause to (need) change. many players will be opportunistic to clench a cheap victory over what we all agree on a chance to better this game for everyone


Yep. Blatant attempt to get people to burn through their supply of cans and then possibly be forced to purchase a deal for more cans. All this just to win a Benedict and some food. Makes me laugh.

Hello Survivors!
I was not clear about lower prizes when I talked about prizes! Here’s how I think faction prizes should be:

1st Place
1x New Ascendable Recruit
4x Tier 4 Gear Bag For Legendary Recruits
5x Tier 3 Gear Bag For Legendary Recruits
2nd Place
1x Random Ascendable Recruit Crate
3x Tier 4 Gear Bag For Legendary Recruits
3x Tier 3 Gear Bag For Legendary Recruits
3rd Place
1x Random Ascendable Recruit Crate
2x Tier 4 Gear Bag For Legendary Recruits
2x Tier 3 Gear Bag For Legendary Recruits
4th - 6th Place
1x Ascendable Recruit
1x Tier 4 Gear Bag For Legendary Recruits
1x Tier 3 Gear Bag For Legendary Recruits
7th - 10th Place
15,000 5 Star Recruit Tokens
3x Ultra Rare Gear Bag
2x Walkie Talkie Or School Bag Gear Box
11th - 25th Place
9,500 5 Star Recruit Tokens
2x Ultra Rare Gear Bag
1x Walkie Talkie Or School Bag Gear Box
26th - 50th Place
5,750 5 Star Recruit Tokens
1x Ultra Rare Gear Bag
1x Flak Jacket Or Wool Beanie Box

Thanks for taking the time to read this!
I hope you like my prize setup idea! This took me a while to type!

The ascendable boxes and the ascendable recruits are from older premiers or older events, this is so every player who places within the top brackets have the chance to get a nice ascendable!

@Rockdale I feel this is true and false. Depends on your region population and it also depends if it is a CRW or just a normal dumb war. I can understand him not doing anything for a normal war as we all know how silly they are unless you have a very populated region. There is also the idea if he joined a new region or an old one. CRW I would fault him for not participating as a bigger pool SHOULD mean more even battles (Especially if your faction is near middle class of players which if I had to guess is the majority).