Make This Christmas event Farmable!


So Survival road rewards are out , ignoring the fact elite tokens are a reward which is frankly absurd (1st place has the potential for a burt and hiking boots as the prize for their effort) .

The nuggets are the main prize , and Judging by the amount your giving out it indicates that these tokens will not be farmable i can’t stress this enough, this game is currently on the ropes ,and another bad event like the lucille event Cannot happen.

This event is make or break for most people like myself ,
Im not saying to give the nuggets out like candy, but all we are asking is to make it so that those who want to grind or Play the game have a chance to acquire as many nuggets as we want. This is so that if we want ,we can get wyatt and gear and dont have to choose ,if we work for it, and more importantly dont have to place top in every event for a small chance at this

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100%!! last time I farmed it was for plastic red parts and I was 6k ish short should of known I’d get scoped.

It is though morale is at an all time low absolutely all time low


Lets face it, this is unlikely not to be related to the christmas event .

Even if it isnt , the event will be running conccurenlty with it so restricting the availability of gear and items, the only reason people are assuming its not is because shane said something about it being the 14th (and 12 days of Christmas) it is not beyond the realms that she was wrong and they moved it forward 2 days so it wasnt running on Christmas day so people arent forced on the game when family are around

Either way this event needs to be farmable


stick it in raids for example, people will spend on raid cans difference of 100 coins from sr, hell run a solo raid over solo level up and watch as people farm it, instead of a few people going for it in a solo level up instead


Also worth pointing out this whole post still bears merit even if nuggets turn out to be an additional event , we still want the christmas event farmable


This is the last chance, really. There is no point playing a game where devs ignores you.


Exactly it’s last chance saloon, whether live ops realise this or not yet is debatable, hopefully they have finally realised this


I agree fellas ^^^^^


Same boat here fellas. If this event / Christmas event is pure P2P then i’ll Be walking also. Sick and tired of grinding then still having to pay. Gets old fast. And the fact that we go ignored all the time :disappointed:


Wpe,Tinny task, macros everywhere.


I fell less than 5k short on the plastic. That is also with falling 30 vests short of Dwight (all other items obtained) and 75 short on two different parts for the rifle. Yeah, I know how you feel.