Make the sr go away and give us a gear map


Words cannot describe how much I hate the sr the TWD community needs gear not the solo sr with a fancy fodder toon for first place you know what I’m saying


Yes we need a gear map, and possibly better rewards for the milestones of the upcoming sr… But i think sr adds strategy and a different aspect to the game other than endless raiding and farming


I don’t even bother with SR anymore


I love SR. It rewards people for having a roster depth over a few powerful toons, it teaches you to use all of the specialist skills, and encourages critical thinking to come up with effective raiding techniques.


Hey Disco!

Same here, hate it lol


Best exp out there.


What a scopely shill, you are 98th in Houston region for daily SR on lvl 210 while the top player is at 355. Clearly you have given up on it as well.


SR event would be fine if it ran concurrently with 2-3 other events.
The FLU, Faction Raid, Solo SR, if technically possible I would be fine if all of them ran at the exact same time so we can get the XP and gear we need

Other mobile games usually have multiple events running all week long, offer us options


They will give us a gear map when they are ready! Just calm down until then


I gave up on sr when I hit level 217, I wish we could start it over. Do not like sr tourny, My goal is gold and no more. Only use it for xp after I finish gold.


Ok let me be more specific, I enjoy SR tourneys. I thought that would be clear based on the topic of this discussion, but apparently it’s not.


tbh tournament road sr is really easy compared to daily sr (im at level 300+ now) with the right weapons and toons. Could pretty much auto all stages with autofill (other than some stun zombies stages) till i hit elite-legendary. Now with the 6* buffs, its only getting easier. If you hate sr, you might wanna work on better weapons and toons


I don’t mind the SR Turney’s much I prefer when it’s a faction event but I feel that way about all tournaments. What I do mind is that we cannot get ultra rare and Elite gear on a regular basis I don’t understand why we cannot have a walkie-talkie up in the corner just like we do with the uncommon and rare gear that we can get anytime we need flak jackets and beanies. Is this something that scopely can consider for us? I’m tired of having so many characters just sitting there wasting away because I have no way to upgrade them.


I agree on SR being rewarding for having a wider roster rather than having a few overpowered characters. SR is unique and sometimes forces you to move away from the cookie cutter builds you use everywhere when you are limited by persona and try to counter enemies.

There are a few characters I really value in my roster more now I have used them more often due to SR. It’s a great way to get and stay familiar with all the different characters you have, and sometimes figure out a new tactic that works better than you would have expected!


So you’re going to finally win something to show your enthusiasm for these rad prizes?


Guys, some people like some people dont. If you don’t like don’t enter the contest, and let those who like SR play to their hearts content. And for telling them it’s a waste of time, your wrong again. Just because one guy like vanilla and the other strawberry ice cream doesn’t mean throw away the strawberry ice cream, you just don’t eat it.


Words cannot describe how much I hate war too, but I’m not going to say cancel war because I know others like it. Unless you can provide statistical evidence that SR isn’t healthy for the community, you’re pretty much just forcing your personal beliefs on others.

Also, why can’t we have both? Why is the assumption one or the other?


I finish it every time, because I enjoy SR. Winning a solo tourney isn’t important to me and wouldn’t bring me any more enjoyment - in fact, it would detract from my enjoyment.


I auto play everything until the end of gold most of the time, but beyond that I don’t put in too much effort. It’s kinda like solo raid to me. It doesn’t do much for me, but I know others like it.

I think that the strategy aspect is kinda overstated. Critical leads/weapons for walker stages, healers for human stages, isn’t all that revolutionary. Plus, you can keep attempting the stages from where you left off if you got stuck. If it bumped you all the way back to the start every time it would be more strategic, but as it is now, you can just keep loading characters until your on to the next stage.


I love SR tourneys.
It was fun developing everything to finish it flawless everytime. It’s just sad that you can/have to buy the first Places.