Make the 5* ascendable or 6* Clementine buy now

Okay. I would love it if scopely would make 5* ascendable/ 6* Clementine a bit now character. They have put coffee 6*/5* ascendable characters for purchase for £5 offer or £28.99 offer. If they would make the 5* ascendable version of Clementine available I would purchase it straight away and I know a lot of others who would to.
Please make this happen scopely




United, since you can’t spell elementary level words correctly, your post failed.


Nah that’s clearly proper spelling.

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But why spending money for some pixels you won’t really use or can’t use in this meta nowadays?


@xgbhx is this your alt account

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I am someone who is also desperate to acquire this character, but I don’t believe that we should be spending money to buy her.
There was once a time where she actually was available to buy for like £34.99 back around a week or two after she was released, at this point, almost a year after she has been released, she should be more widely available and easier to obtain, perhaps through an event that presents both F2P and P2P players a way of obtaining her and the other characters from The Walking Dead: The Final Season.

Very fitting name

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Seriously? That offer never appeared on my account. I have been playing this game daily for 3 years

No lol

I agree with this thread though


Lucky! I just want one as she is my favourite character. Plus I pretty much have nearly all the telltale characters


Same, the game won’t give me Blue Kenny or Louis though so those are the only 2 I’m missing

It appeared for me, I almost gave in to it, but honest to God, £34.99 for a character? Clementine may be an inspiration to me, and my favourite video game character, but I do not believe that locking her, or any other character for that matter, behind that amount of money is fair at all, she has been out for almost a year, so she should be available more frequently for everyone.

You must have some insane luck amigo

For Clem it would seem so (I want a full team of her 6*) others not so much lol

I am an avid fan of Clementine, I have all versions of her except The Final Season, it pains me that so much time has passed and I haven’t obtained her. But hopefully that changes, for Clementine and for the few remaining Telltale characters I have not obtained

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Stop flexing :C

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It’s a characteristic of smooky so it can’t be changed…

I’ve suggested to scopely to make her a daily login reward character.
Where you are required to login in daily and participate in some activity to receive 1 Clementine Hat. And you will be required to collect 30 or so dependent on how many days are in that month.
This would make her a F2P character however for those who don’t want to wait the full month can purchase the Clementine Hats through offers which would add a P2P aspect. This allows both F2P and P2P players the same reward. (Kind of like the Lori login event)