Make teams of 6 chars

I am looking at number of the Scopely marketing team efforts in past few months, since I returned from a year break.

I can tell you what single change can make a world of difference in the game. Reignite interest and make the game immensely more exciting.

Replace 5 char standard teams with 6.

Perhaps it’s not an easy job but I am sure you can do it.

Edit: yes it needs 1 min to be added anyway… The game will be better because number of successful combination in attack will grow. You will have to think more and routine-ish like attacks will become more interesting.

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Then they will have to make raid/war matches longer. With the struggle to get war in to reach milestone already, more characters on a team will make it even harder to reach the 100k milestone because of added time to win the war

My god dude I seriously don’t want to deal with 5 magnas and an Erika if this happens

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How exactly does this improve the game?

Yeah!!! And make the 6th character have a leader skill too. That way my magna/Jesus wombo combo can have 5k defense/hp each.

double shield, double revive, and double damage, how about no

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