Make tara more available


She is never going to be used or even enjoyed by everyone as long as she is locked in the most ridiculous rng bag from Faction assault that is clearly weighted agasint her earrings and the flare guns. It would make sense to put her in a stash just like we have free to play characters like Glenn and the governor who you buy outright from the stash or just manage on your own from the game so it would make sense to make a stash for tara and all the gear needed for tara so people can actually have a chance at her i personally would love to have her but can’t ever get her let alone use her with the restrictions that is caused by the rewards teir 5 bags thru faction assault! Help get this across @kalishane please!


She’s shit, why are u even bothered, nobody else is.


I’ve done probably like 20 tier 5 assaults, don’t have a single earring or flare gun.


I always assumed she was a ghost from a previous programmer much like Premium Michonne. One who disappeared an autumn day when they weeded out the smart.



By the time most people have her and at T3-T4, she won’t be as useful as she would have been. Kind of like Prestige Michonne.


Tara is amazing idk what anyone is talking about plus I got great reds that can make my raids sooooooooo much faster.


All I got was one gold earring the very first time I done faction assault and got pretty much garbage after that.


That’s false all false people just not going to bother about making her more available because its scopely we are talking about but heres to hoping.


I don’t disagree with you but 40 attack and huge ap to all reds ill most certainly take it.


Somebody on here calculated that to get her from faction assault taking into account rng that it would take 2 and 1/2 years to get her and fully upgraded so if u ask me she’s like prestige michonne.


0 earrings from tons of asssults. i think only a handful has even gone to all 30 members of the faction. stupid af feature


No doubt which is why I request scopely to make her a stash promo so people can hope on her that way.


Start a poll, they seem to take notice of them. If they think for 1 second that they will make money they’ll do it and a poll will show the percentage of people that will consider spending, good luck bro.


Not getting an earring or flare gun is a great thing to me. No one will be getting Tara while she’s relevant anyways, so better you don’t get the waste of time items and get something more useful instead.

  • Make a stash similar to governor stash currently for sale for faction assault tara.
  • Make a stash similar to rick stash for faction assault tara.
  • Make a stash similar to Maggie for faction assault tara.

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Thanks for the advice! Poll is done hope its right for everyone. Multiple choice answers


A stash Isn’t practical for me . Her flare gun and earings should drop more often. Or alternatively they use the fac assault depot and put them in there for purchase I don’t get why her or Connor parts aren’t in there


I don’t disagree but I dont get how a stash is not practical this creates another avenue just like what scopely has done with the previous stashes which would include everything needed even if they decide not to include a GPS and a canteen should still get the flare guns.


They need to lower to cost of T5 FA, in addition to increase the amount of tickets we get from energy use, or gift more tickets again. Maybe if they actually listened to feedback instead of making up thier own.


You obviously need to Assault farm better, come on, all the ‘good’ players do that. :wink: