Make Shiva Force toon's 6* soon


Since we have all those negan crew 6*, how about some love for the Shiva force toon’s? We already have ezekiel and shiva 6*, but we sure could use Rick, Jesus and Michone 6* from shiva force series


Be sure I bloody second that motion! They have become more avaiable on the Epic wheel. I don’t have them but I’m sure not only me but others need this. Thanks for the idea, @Hfett !


It would also be great if one of the toon’s from Shiva force was a raibow lead so we could use the whole Shiva Force group on a team


BUMP this


@Kalishane TAKE this to the team, for Pete’s sake!


Because they already made money from these toons by selling them so they would rather create new ones


Nah. They are still on the Wheel. When they are removed, they will be 6*


Iv been holding on to Shiva force Michonne for dear life because when the new threat villains came out I messaged support and they told me it was in the pipeline, still waiting but this is scopely after all they love leaving stuff unfinished.


Great idea, they should make a different versions of those that already exist and add them to promo wheel! Btw there is a lot of OG toons that should have already be up and ascended…


We dont need those any more than vintage toons like Glenn and others.


Don’t worry your surviving rear, we though of this. OP just mentioned it would be lovely if they made SF Characters ascendable. The promised list of ascendable epics coming next month needs to come first before this can be applied.