Make SC Great Again!... and churn in some revenue while you're at it

The survivor’s club isn’t doing what it is supposed to. The perks do not match the cost and frankly, it does cost too much. The SC exclusive Andrea is a great toon which will be relevant for a few more months at the maximum. People have spent a lot to upgrade her to max especially the people who have been playing long before the axes and rick statues came into play. Now, my suggestion is primarily focused on this great toon and the cost of SC. An SC membership costs more than Netflix at the moment and that is something you should take a long hard look at it. On the cost, I would suggest pricing it at 9.99$ /month, at the most. This should allow much more people to afford it and want it too, especially if you implement my suggestion on Andrea that follows.

With the advent of S-Class, the six-star era is coming to a slow close. Andrea is a great toon an exclusive toon and the only thing that made me want to spend on an SC membership. But this toon, like many others, will soon be a memento of the past unless she gets an S-Class buff. Yes, my suggestion is an S Class Andrea (The same Andrea buffed the S class way). Now, the way forward to claim the S version ofc is via museum collection that has you turn in a maxed out 6 star Andrea and about 50 comics to claim the S-Class version. The S version would require comics to upgrade maybe 40,60 and 80.

This would ensure continued subscription and also new subscribers. This would be better than adding a new SC exclusive S-Class because people have already spent a fortune getting this great toon and upgrading her and they will feel that their investment was worth it.


SC definitely needs improvements, was pretty bad from the get go for a lot of people S Class has devalued it a bit further as well with the daily pulls meaning less and no real S Class involvement in the package. A SC exclusive S Class is kind of inevitable I think at this point, when is anyone’s guess.


Julie was the only sc exclusive toon. She expired and scopely forgot about her I guess.

Julie was not the only sc exclusive educate yourself

So Im guessing the other is andrea. Unless there was a vk old datamine of a another sc exclusive. There was Julie and Andrea. Any others?

Yea the other one was Andrea

I been knew that. I might buy sc again so I can get sc maxed faster without the free toy ricks. (Toy ricks take longer)

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