Make Rep count for something


@kalishane Why not give weekly rewards based on rep? Even some cans would be nice.

If we can choose a different character which faction mates can use rather than our defense leader, raiding would be more fun, and with rewards based on rep people will be more active.

Many regions are dying and if you (Scopely) doesn’t do anything game will die very quick. 6stars were a flop and it’s the Veterans that are leaving the game because after 2years spending money on the game their roster is worth nothing. My region is filled with people who are at level 50 (afterv2 months playing) and have S3 teams. It took me a year and was around level 90 to have an S2 team.

Please don’t ruin the game!


This is a great idea. I’ve oodles of rep and demand free stuff.


They should give out more dedicated player bonuses for the top 10 in rep that would be cool


As long as they get rid of ghosting so that there are actually people to attack and make it a legit competition rather then just who is dedicated enough to keep their resources low it could work.


If rep is going to be worth something then we should do something about defence leader which is also the supporter. Most players would not want to put their drop leaders up anymore. Defence team and faction supporter could simply be separated.


Not dedicated again! then they ll reward random people in the rep leaderboard and we ll never figure out why :rofl:


I mean I got the dedicated player bonus and I talk a lot of shit to scopely staff if that’s not a factor so idk wtf is ?


This is a great idea and might solve the problem of people dumping rep.


Great idea - I would like to see something like this implemented to make raids better and rep actually meaningful.

There should be weekly rewards with similar structure to a tournament, e.g: prize brackets for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4-5, 6-10, 11-50, 51-100, 101-500

As above, being able to set the faction helper separately to defence is a must (even with raids as they are now) and will allow everyone to put up a decent defence team (Not necessarily your best which most will want to save for war.)

Ghosting can then be removed and the game could make up any lack of resources.

Bots will still be common during raid tournaments though due to most players either raiding or being raided and shielded, so these also need to be fixed so their rank/rep is just above you so you lose a maximum of 12 rep if defeated.

At present they are always set below you, so you always lose 25 rep in most cases against what is usually a very strong opponent and would have resulted in only 6 rep loss if facing the real player it was copied from.


This is a dumb idea. Reputation hasn’t meant anything for 2 years, why start now. No point. Rep points has always been and will always be a personal ego measuring contest that Scopley will profit off of.

If players are getting rep thrown on them like rain water for the sake of war, then pass it back.


so lets keep everything as is and keep killing the game…

rep doesn’t mean anything because no rewards are associated with it. with rewards rep will start to mean something. top players are there because they put in time and money and they should be rewarded.


Yes. Only the truly dedicated can reach the top of the board from just 6 points per raid. Top players deserve top rewards. If you don’t like this idea it’s because you probably suck at the game and can’t raid for toffee


rewards can be split to 1-25, 26-50, 51-100, 101-200, 201-500

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 raid / world / war cans would do just fine… nothing major but at least it motivates people to play… at least that’s what i think

when territories were introduced many didn’t like the idea, and now factions fight for them. Awarding some cans for rep would be a good idea


I don´t like the Top. Just getting 10k Food instead of 100k is dumb for me.


Rep has little to do with skill or dedication. There’s this little thing called ghosting.


Ghosting doesn’t earn you rep. Just stops you losing it. Earning 100K+ rep from 6 points per raid is serious dedication, especially with all these ‘op bots’ people keep moaning about. @Bakir, the ones who don’t like being at the top are usually the ones at the bottom being stepped on.


Give me one good reason why i should be on the Top. I am seeing always the same Team getting the same Bots and get Less Food. Also too it is always much more difficult to stay at the Top with a Farm Team as Defense.

Before im getting 100k Food and 6 Points per Raid i lost 500k Food due to search someone with 100k Food.


…which still results in a net gain at the end of the day. My region is 2+ years old, and not everyone near the top is there from using raid can after raid can.


Lol flag away!