Make red lori a multi - hitter


So I know red lori is kinda is in a predicament
Right now
6* gov is basically her so we know she won’t be ascending simular to her 5*
But let think of this
What trait doesn’t have a multi hitter
This could bring use into splash therotically
It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it could be a way to save lori from becoming some poopy healer that did no dmg
Even though shes not leaked yet I thought I’d just give a suggestion


@kalishane please hook us up with some info on Lori!! Don’t make me beg.


She needs to be like carl. There are no decent f2p defensive leads for ranged. There are also no f2p ranged healers besides Shane and with almost no way to get him he doesn’t count in my book.

So 40% def an 40% hp leader skill. Hurt and heal for her rush and if they keep neut I would be super pleased. Active could be something like remove impair or stun.


She can’t be a neutralize AND have a leader skill but I agree, some defensive lead like Erika could be good. Except Carl, they are all heavily p2p


Erika would be great but as we know she’s not f2p. I would love to have her.

Then her hurt and heal can still impair like her 5-star version. Almost as good as neut. It’s funny but the new Governor is basically a buffed up version of her as a 5-star.


Well i hope shes godly cause i have several of her


I would really like to see her have a lead skill of 40 hp 40 defense to all yellow and reds


Even 40hp 40atk to yellows and reds would be dope


40 def and huge attack to yellow and red would be amazing


If we are going leader skills
Let’s make it 40 def and huge ap on atk for ranged
It will work just as nice on atk and defense


Please Shiva Force Jesus…make this man’s statement true


my apologies, but I read “hitler” (soz,I woke up about 5 mins ago and I had to share this)
have a nice day.