Make prizes Great Again!


I know prizes have been a hot topic as of late but as far as I can see nothing is changing. This is by far the most important thing that needs to change moving forward.

Wars used to be a fight to the end because of how important winning the one of a kind toon or a powerful epic that would make your team unstoppable. With the emergence of 6s giving out unascendable toons or 5 tokens for fodder is a complete and udder disgrace to the players/customers who are doing everything in their power to enjoy the game.

Make war worth going all out for again. As it is right now war rewards should be lvl up rewards and lvl up milestones are just a complete joke as well. Who is going to throw down 2mill for one whetstone? Can we just get real here and remember that the core of this game is the war system and especially the regional wars. Please start giving out 6* toons for regional war and at the very least ascendable or future ascednable toons for local war.