Make OG Jesus Legendary!


Remember back when the game was relatively new and everything was amazing and everyone was so happy!
Well remember when this Jesus was released? He was by far the best character in the game, the coolest looking, most sought after and was so useful whether it was raiding against those pesky blue andreas or farming those gear maps!
How about we start a movement to get this Jesus the legendary status he deserves! Let’s have OG super Jesus 6*!

  • Yes make this Jesus the next OG 6*
  • No

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When you say next… you mean after all the pending OGs on the list right? Because Gator and Governor are already drawn and designed. And there’s still 5 more promised after those two. But I’m all for voting him to be the next ascendable immediately after all them, he’s awesome! :grinning:


Yeh next on the list lol also the game needs a strong yellow, lacking a good one!


Same here. I’m fine with man buns getting an upgrade after we get the one’s promised like you said. And this segues nicely into another…

“Where the hell is the Gov scopes” rant. As it should.



Meh, there’s toons which are in more desperate need of a 6*. Man bun still has some use.


Yeh I’m hoping they do a bunch of older ones, like Camo Michonne. I don’t have her always eluded me but if they made her legendary and did a stash I’d probably go for her!
Just thought Jesus would look super cool as a 6*! And we need better yellows!


Make All out war Jesus 6* too please ^^


Why not all the Jesus. Like the one I have maxed out already just so I don’t have to put extra effort in for ascending. :confused:


think 106 jesus would get ascended before og jesus. lord knows that mf needs it lol.


Ascension shouldn’t just be about bad characters! The old good ones should legendaries too. Plus whispers Jesus was the first 5* Jesus why not start with the oldest to newest.


i can agree with that, but based on scopes track record via the ascension list, its all over the creation. i for one would love an og abe.


Let’s go full out of the box,
Ascend 3*, get that 4* version, to get 5* version, then 5to then 6 version its final form…

Kinda like the Zeke event when it first started.


I liked that Zeke event, some people said he wasn’t worth it, but now cry about not having him on their teams lmao. I put in the work to get his 5* form in both of my regions.


All free 6* stars are worth it just because they make survival road easier!


I got Zeke in two regions. Then stopped playing the second.

But yes. Was worth it.


@kalishane a fair few votes here, might make a good suggestion for the next batch of old 5*s to legendary :slight_smile:


I agree oldest to newest.Then maybe Popular-worst They choose these so randomly.I wonders how they can keep track.


Feels like they threw all the toons in a basket and just randomly drawing names out to see who makes the list lol


Aaaah remember when you could play multiple regions?
First anniversary event I got multiple toons in 3 regions (all bloody earl and Duane). By zeke it was 2, now one is a full time job.


If we’re taking old characters and making them ascendable, how about the other Kirkman Edition-Rick? The Gov got the nod, but Rick is left out in the cold.