Make it worth it... New Survivor Club Wheel Proposal

Hi Scopely,

you want to win more subscribers? so please give valur to every penny you got from this… i mean i hace sibscription since 6 months i believe and i have not receive any good player besides Dr. Steven and we are talking about many pulls, not premiers cartoons, not ascendibles, not nothing.

Why there is not an exclusive wheel for subscribers where in my daily pull i can get good stuff… we are sick of 4*… we pay form advantaje you know… the prizes in this whell will be:

1.- Premier Toon
2.-Premiers toons of last week
3.- 3 pack bennies
4.- 3 pack raid energy
5.- 3 pack mortal route energy
6.- 3 pack world energy
7.- 10k ascension medals
8.- 50 legendary medals
9.- 1 Lilith
10.- 1 Ulyses
11.- Chosse box of 1 epic gear
12.- Chosse box of 1 legendary gear

Plase take us in consideration… we pay to win…

“…we pay to win” --> Lmao.

After all of this madness the past few days I really doubt anyone is sane enough to pay 25$ for nothing but useless pixels.


Yeah they dont care about you you are just a bucket of cash to them. Keep on paying for those 4* and stop complaining


Fixed it for you.

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All you got is Dr Stevens? Consider yourself lucky.

This is a joke right? Have you even seen what’s going on right now? SC is a literal drop in the bucket compared to what you would have to spend to actually win anything in this game.


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We have passed the point of no return.

Will this wheel have the same bucket odds?

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Someone who had trial pulled 4 6* All I got was shitty 4 stars

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