Make it so we only need 5/6/7 Beacons of Light to open the roadmap

As it stands needing to complete all 5 mission sets and complete the stash is a ridiculous ask for such a sub par toon

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I’ve got them all except the log ins and stash opens, which our faction is close. I’m not sure about getting the individual stash opens though, that’s going to be tricky.

I had already pre-ordered the book before Zhu was announced so I have him. I guess I’ll get two if I finish this?

So…don’t do it.

It’s a sub-par toon, like you said. It’ll just clog up your roster and probably never make it to 6*. Save yourself the space and do something more fun instead.

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Isn’t a good toon but rest of it so easy so want to get the light things and unlock roadmap cuz some good stuff there and something to do I guess :sweat_smile:

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