Make it rain tier up gear

I’m desperate scopely. Several months of 3 level up events a week and I’m almost out of everything. I don’t even play past the 800k milestone. I just get those cards and torches and call it.

I’ve got 4 s class toons on the way, which means I have 8 toons I’ve been leveling up.

My stash is in dire straights, how about a gear road map every day. I want to keep the good times rolling

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What are these good times you speak of?

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When the game was slower than molasses in January I was sitting around hording everything because there wasn’t anything worth playing for.

The era of s class has brought in a ridiculously busy wave of activities and the game economy has not been reworked to keep up.

Not that I expect them to actually adjust anything… Let me just wave my magic money wand at that offers tab, I don’t need groceries or anything. I’ll weigh 600 lbs and live on ramen and hotdogs, but I’ll be ranking high in leagues for sure.

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If you want to go great on level up you need to use 5* fighters leveling them at least two tiers to not drain so many resourses using BO trainer.
This is why you are having so little amount of gear, if you don’t go foward to above 800k milestone you are having few amount of league tokens. Few league tokens means few gear brought from store.
This maybe won’t solve your lack of resources problems totally, but I’m giving to you my farm economy experience in the game, and if works for me why won’t work to you? Stay cool man.

My store is pretty much empty. I got plenty of tokens, but the super long reset is killing me.

Maybe I’ll just start blowing off level ups that don’t have cards I want.

That sucks because I want those torches, but before torches and cards were level up rewards, I didn’t even bother on solo lvl up events.

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