Make gear droppable

A big thing that would help is if gear was droppable.

GPS/Canteens at the same frequency of liliths
Other upgrade items farmable

Please the current upgrade system isnt working when it takes months to get parts to max out S class


Did you check leagues store? *Stares in sarcasm


Sadly, i think it works as intended.

Great idea rewards grinding :+1:

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They need to make a 6* gear road map.
It be 2 roads.
Last one finish at S9 and the first road S6
It would have fast and alert gear
Whetstone, Knife sheath (2 EACH)
Practice dummy and Double holster (2 each)
Than the next would be strong and tough
Hockey mask and sports gauntlet (2 each)
And Magazine Bandolier, And Weapon tripod (2 each)
First one gives you 2 gps
Second one gives you 2 Canteens.

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it would be more like s13 and s16

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S8 and S10 are fine
S13 and S16 would be a joke. Im S10++ But no where near S16 OR S13.

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