Make Faction Chat the default


Please make faction chat the default. I’m so tired of having to swipe three times every time to talk with my team. It was especially a royal pain in the rear to have to do this during war.

Make the first screen we see faction chat and move everything else to the left of it. That way no matter what faction chat is the first thing we see.

You have a couple of days before the blitz. Would love to see this happen. Thank you.

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Yes please! Help us help you help us!


Agreed however I updated the app today and seems to be faction chat showing most of the time.

I figured it was mostly content, but pts from territories and clicking through raid rewards are now fixed.

So maybe this is already fixed?

Also I recall seeing somewhere (discord chat) it’s not a forced update yet, so check your respective app store if you have not yet done this update.


Checking for updates is always a good idea.

It does seem like it’s sticking to what you leave it on a bit better but it still pops back to the territory log far too often. Like anyone ever gave two craps about seeing that.

I want the last screen to be faction chat so no matter what happens it will always be the default chat. Shove every other bit of garbage to the left of faction chat.


Orrrrrr just eliminate the league chats altogether. Beyond pointless.


Thank you.


Yes! And no more swinging over to war chats.

I am still curious why we need so many league chats.


An option to turn chats/tabs on or off would be nice too.


It’s got to stay simple or they won’t do it. I am assuming it would take zero effort to rearrange the order in which they are displayed but adding things like the ability to turn them on or off would require work. They don’t do work.

If faction chat was in the last position it would be the first thing we see. Then it doesn’t matter what is to the left of it.


JFC this 100AF


I was about to post the same thing. I’m getting sick of chat always switching to Territory Log.


My solo one is literally just 1 guy pointing out it’s dead and me and him posting Fs to pay respects.




Literally no one wants to see the territory texts when someone posts during war, so why do we always get that view first?

That seems like a genuine bug to me. Same as having to see league chat first.

It’s pretty simple to flag faction chat as priority 1 instead of the four other channels nobody cares about.


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Of course no official reply. Not even a “were faking er I mean taking it to the team.”

We’re not asking for much here just to make faction chat the default. No one cares about the territory log. No one cares about the league chats.

Make faction chat the default!


@JB.Scopely That should be done in a few seconds. Thanks.



Seven chars


i agree, no use and always the time we will have 5 chats :smiley: