Make f2p regions and p2p regions


I think most people are sick of whales overunning their regions, I prefer 1 whale… Why not make a few regions where u cant buy trainers or coin in war? U can buy other stuff. I know u dont want it because less $$ but in fact u will make the players more happy but wait there’s more! Whales will compete vs more whales and in fact u will earn more dollarinos!!

Ps: i know this is never gonna happen im just bored


You got one thing wrong there. Whales are whales because the want to be superior and have big benefits over others. Whales will always want to pick on lower faction. Whales who are beaten will either quit or move to another region where they can reign


Another person who doesn’t understand

  1. The difference between P2P and P2W - this game is not P2P…

  2. That F2P and P2W are two extreme ends of a massive range of players. 90% are probably in the middle.


So what do u call this 21hour SR? F2Por P2P because u cant finish it without payin some cans


U cant even reach gold if u didnt sleep all night and used all free energy, I know the difference and u have to admit last year scopely has been leaning towards the latter


Up to 4 survival cans available for 250 coins which can be recieved for free by watching videos for 2 days.

Would take a week to save up enough free coins to complete SR without paying.

I genuinely hate have to fight in Scopelys corner, so you’re going in my naughty book now :rage:


The “whales” that came to your region are guys from our 4th place faction :joy:

Everyone wants to recruit new players to their regions as long as those players aren’t better than they are.


No they would lose money and any company with a brain knows that if they lose money on doing something it’s not gonna happend becuase it’s bad for their business.


Seeing a lot of this, usually followed by I no longer place in top 100 in insert generic event

Personally, the extra competiton was exactly what i was after


Where will all the people in the middle go who are neither whales nor free to play in your plan?


Free to Play. Clearly.

It’s costs nothing to participate. We all get free energy and can complete an amount of stages without spending any coins at all.

Yes, you need some refills to complete the stages, and these are generally obtained by spending money.

I’ve always had an issue with the terms F2P and P2W because they are so binary. I occasionally buy 30 day passes? Does that make me F2P, no because I have spent a little. Does it make to P2W? No because I don’t spend anywhere near enough to actually win anything.


I play on 5 regions, 3 got infested u gotta be more specific


Is it pedantic to mention that post- or grammarnazi is just a Reductio ad Hitlerum. Because I cant remember that Nazis or Hitler known for their hate of post- or grammar-errors. :thinking:

Well, back to the topic, this idea will never gonna happen. Only whales in one ocean, they will literally starve to death. :rofl:




Stop making sense, Kanaima.


Webster. This was the reaction to our 4th place faction showing up there :joy:


Good lord @Klakky is this you in global talking about how people are going to buy level ups, saying fuck factions, and now you won’t get top 3 in solo level up with 11 million points… on your third account?

This is why people laugh so hard at some of the stuff on the forums. Everyone who is better than someone else is a whale or a cheater… even if they’re a 4th place faction somewhere else. The part that really kills me is the people who went to your region are really good people and class acts.




11mil easy points but most probably be at least 20mil, 83 T4 lvl 1’s waiting for a good toon aye thats my 3rd region and so far got 30 coiners at least since 2 days ago


Everyone wants activity and competition until they get it. eyeroll Plenty of dead regions about, go to one of them and collect easy prizes if that is your game goal.