Make Bronze, Silver, and Gold Radios Great Again!

Bronze Silver and Gold Radios have built up in anyone who has played this games roster for a while now.

We know there’s a medal, gear, trainer issue so I have proposed an idea.

What if the same type of set up map was made for 15 maybe change it to 1 hour or 30 minute intervals and do the following:

Bronze radio: x amount of Silver/gold medals per run 8-10 energy per run (6 to 8 stages) cannot be farmed for anything but silver medals.

Silver radio: drops legendary gear so all 10 pieces (t3 gear/t4 gear radio/watch gps/canteen) 20 energy per run cannot be refarmed for anything outside of t3/t4 gear.

Gold radio: use to be gold mods could still do this or change it to a 15-30 minute farm for unlimited amount of trainers but closes after x amount of time why? Gold radios are rare so it’s not like that’s gonna do anything insane or massive to anyone.

Daily maps are always nice (but those need a major overhaul to catch up to where the game is at currently.

I don’t know about anyone else but the state of being STUCK in training grounds and roster space and leveling toons isn’t a good experience by any means.

You have the means to fix it and make it work for you and us both.


Whaaaaat dont like Hiking boots?

They drop in the world stages like candy…no need for em.


They will do this but you will need red, blue and green radios as no one has those

Red, blue and green radios can now be purchased in the shop along with the special new energy u will need to run the maps

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Then that defeats the purpose of using resources we already have at hand.

Meaning waste of resources we already have.

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We both know if it cant be monetized then it aint gonna happen.

Using resources we already have is a loss of revenue for scopes

Like it all but would say last 2 stages are gold medals. Not everybody is stuck on silver and ok with gold, for some it’s the other way around.

We need to get past this thinking. I get what you’re actually saying - that’s what Scopes thinks, and I agree that’s what their actions indicate. But keeping your customers happy does not result in a loss in revenue, quite the opposite. They are just really really bad at understanding that greater customer satisfaction = greater profits.

I know that. You know that.

Scopes knows $$$

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Aye it’s just when I see the ‘Scopes won’t do that because it won’t make them money’ comment, I want to yell out ‘but it will’ - indirectly through customer satisfaction. I can tell you know that, but there are some that I think genuinely believe that things like this wouldn’t make Scopes money overall.

And making these things more available defeats the purpose of keeping them scarce.

The problem is not that Scopely want us to have more gear/medals/trainers etc. but can’t figure out a way to get them to us. Multiply the number of medals/gear/trainers in event milestones and rewards by 10, done and much simper than creating new roadmaps.

These things are scarce because the game team wants them to be. Probably mostly for extracting revenue, but also because games like this need scarcity - if nothing is scarce, nothing is worth expending effort to get. Take Ulysses - people by now hate getting one because almost everyone has more than they know what to do with.

This current cash grab sorry wvent would of been a good start. Should be 250k silver medals per mission not 25k

Why not 2.5 million? [ETA] would solve the problem for months probably. If they decided to go with 25m, or even 250m, it would probably be solved forever.

Hey id love that. I could ascend the 10 or so toons i want to ascend then.

How about. No medals needed at all to ascend :thinking:

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