Make blitz war a week long event like you do level up


And take away level up till you give us some bloody gear ffs.


i think that you had say you were going to retire and i think that the game is not fun for you so you just do trolling so maybe you should do the retire and let us play the game with out you always saying negative and rude things but also i hope you can have fun


oh okie i see that makes me understand more of what you say i hope you can be ok


Thanks for understanding dude not many people do.


I fully support a week long war, let the players war can farm lololol


i hated 3 days lvl up with 10m milestones…damn gears!!!

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There may be a reason for that.

Could be your personality. Could be the « accidentally coming off as a troll, but i’m A lovely person underneath It all » vibe you have going. Could be that your addiction to the game stops you meeting people. Could be that your time spent on here stops you meeting people. Could be one or many things not related to the game/forum causing your frustration. Idk.

One thing I do know. This is not tinder. This forum and your posts here is not going to solve your problem.


1 Week War? No phucking thanks!


I need cans make this happen.

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