Make an S-class out of bad 6*

Make old bad 6* such as Harlan, Blue Shane, Yellow Michonne, Red Lucas, Green Maim Negan, etc into an S-Clas. Make a card out of them, change their stat and rush to S-class and make it obtainable like other S-Class by using 2 of them maxed with 6k collectible cards.

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They already making a S class Marlon and rosie. Which is either gonna be blank or until scopely makes it relevant.

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Harlan already has a use as he unlocks roxie.


From the images I saw, the new Marlon was a strong toon while the original is a fast…:man_shrugging:t3:


New dog boy is green, even if he was yellow, don’t we have 2 yellow Ricks, 2 red Govs, 2 red Sandy’s as 6s, that wouldn’t mean it had to be same card

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I see Yellow Michonne as a leader alot she isn’t bad with the right set up.

Blue Shane, Jesse, Harlan, and The Jackson can use some love though

Yes but that marlon and Rosie is green and not the yellow one

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