Make an roadmap farmable of marine water necklaces

As the title itself says.
Do something for us to keep in the game. We do not want to waste energy and cans in the phases of the world.
An ascendable medal roadmap (farmable) would be very useful also.

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I like the idea, but for Scopley to make something available for free & farmable that is currently available to buy from the shop? Doubt it buddy.


Necklaces are already easy to get if you ask me, especially if you’re going for Lucas. Just hit 2-3 milestones each tourney. But for the farmable ascendance medals, that needs to happen. Plenty of gold medals but I severely lack silver medals.

Unfortunately however, Galaxy is right. Mostly any good suggestion that is posted is nothing but a pipe dream. And this will surely go in the shitter.


Lucas is a poor mans Governor. The Governor is miles better and he’s also f2p you can get him from the depot or if you are very lucky from the training grounds. Why waste 24k on Lucas when you can stock up on hard to come by gear that normally requires you to score 1.25 and 2 million on a level up? This way you can skip a ton of pointless level up’s down the road.


Yes and no… getting mira commanded turn two is pretty sweet… then you can use mira, and gov charged on turn three. Don’t underestimate that AP boost.

I need one more ranged for a full ranged 6* team in Chilton, half thought about Lucas, but I have two Lori’s who are hopefully ascendable soon and one could fill that spot until the gov shows up in my depot, so I’m doing what Iron just said and going all gear.

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I got Siddiq who is also f2p. He gives a better ap boost on a rush, he’s a command, he impairs 1 for 2 turns, and his active is confuse. Again miles better than Lucas.

Lucas just impairs 3 for 1 turn. The Gov does the same but for two turns, has neutralize, hits way harder and I can put that 24k towards gear.

One other thing to consider is none of the gear is locked in a crappy rng box. We can get exactly what we need. This is rare from Scopely. We all should take advantage of it.

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I was talking about his lead skill… huge ap boost on attack is amazing.

Can’t get to 76 ap for mira on turn two without a leadership skill. With Lucas she can be commanded turn two which leaves three of the opposing toons without attacking. If you have a jerimiah, even better.

True his leader skill is very nice but not worth the 24k. Why give up the 40% attack buff from Mira? Lucas also only helps reds so if your using any blues they wont benefit from it.

Hey if anyone really wants Lucas go for it. I took both toons from the nugget events and I regret it. They just sit in my roster and collect dust. The same would happen with Lucas. I’m gonna pass.

Unfortunately, legacy toons are scarce as hell in my depot. It’s been three weeks as far as I can recall back and I have not seen any of them. Not even Gov, who’s far out of my reach as a P9 player. Elite Training has been a 3⭐ fest since forever so I doubt Legendary Training will produce at least one epic. As for Ascendance, I got lucky with Gator, who’s the only ascendable I’ve gotten from ascendance. As far as ranged toons go, Lucas will be a highly welcomed addition seeing as my main team is Mira backed by 3 epic tough toons and Wyatt. Not very diverse and not exactly great in the defense department.

Yeah sounds like he will be a welcome addition for you. As far as the Governor goes he will appear outside the p12 spot. I got really lucky with Siddiq. He only took two tries. Lori was a little more of a challenge. Got her on my 4th. Just keep saving up any 4 stars and now with the medal map, it should be a little easier to make those attempts. Good luck.

I’m stockpiling every trainer and 3-5⭐ toon I get to pawn off in the depot should a legacy toon show up. As much as my patience is running dry, I want to save my medals for Shiva to boost my Vincent team.

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