Make A Use For Museum Points

Let’s face it. When Museum was released, the developers said that the score where you accumulate your points by completing Collections, would be, as they said, “Just for dick-waving”. However, it doesn’t sound like the best option to be permanent when it comes to be usefulness.

There’s enough space for another Shop. As some people already have suggested, I recommend you fellas to create a “Museum Depot”, or also invent a system that exchanges the score with unique currency, such as “Museum Tokens” to spend on such Shop.

You can sell ascendable/unique characters, special weapons, weapon upgrade parts such as Spray paint cans, Polishing Kit and Duct Tape, and even a fixed amount of tokens for Epics, Ultra Rares, Weapons and Prestige tokens, as well as Ascending Tokens (Both Golden and Silver).


There what about when you inevitably complete all the collections? We’ve gotten more toons to complete the collections, but no new ones.

What should be done is a progression system where the more museum points you accumulate, you will be given a reward at each tier, getting better each one you advance to. For example:

1k points - 100k Food Bag
2.5k points - Elite Rare Gear Bag
5k points - Ultra Rare Trainer Bag

You get the idea. That would be a quality use of museum points.


Only ascendable toons, 100k musuem points EACH. Make it happen.


But in actuality they released it to throttle events. There was a time we could farm and pull from a wheel of disappointment or even in the 1 year anniversary event pull a guarantee 5s which at that time was unheard of.


Loved that event went from owning 3 5* to 8 after working my arse of in it, nowadays I’d have been restricted to one pull but would have completed 10 museum collections to make that pull. And have been stuck with one Caroline instead of 3