Make a good defense team?

Can you make a good defense team?

¿Tienes ascendibles? Sería bueno para también ver si siendo legendarios tienen una utilidad más allá de ser 5*.

Maybe I’m just blind but do you have any 6 stars/ascendables that have defence lead skills?

It’s hard to make a good defense team without a good defense leader. You need to get someone like blue Eric ASAP and it will open your flexibility a lot. As of now, your best defensive lead is Vincent and he isn’t good at all. Based on what you have now, however, I’d go with something like:
Vincent, Rick, James(solely because he is S-Class), Camila, and Amber

Maybe try - Vincent, James, Green rick, Sawyer and Amber? Vincent isn’t a great lead but will do for now. James being an S class has boosted stats and could kill the enemy with basic attacks. Green rick has a nice defensive bound weapon. Sawyer can stun and execute. Amber has your vet rings, potential to kill the enemy, focus active skill

I have green negan and romanov ascendables

I’d go with a Vincent lead, James, Rick, Amber, and either Camila or Sawyer.

I would go camila Ajax Amber Jeremiah and Rosita but you have no Defensive range lead

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